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Yes We Allow Dogs On Our Patio!

Patio Rules for Dogs

Below is the state of Iowa's mandated rules for dogs on outdoor patios at restaurants.

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Patio Rules for Dogs:

Dogs must enter and exit through the patio gate. Under no circumstance are dogs allowed inside the restaurant.


Dogs must be on a leash at all times and must behave in a manner that won’t disrupt any other patrons.


Customers must notify staff immediately if their dog has an accident so that the area will be promptly cleaned and sanitized.


Dogs must remain on the patio floor at all times—they are not allowed on chairs, tables, benches or laps while on the patio.


Patio Rules for Dogs Continued:

Dogs are not allowed to come into contact with plates, silverware, glasses or water bottles. All serving dishes for dogs are single-use only and must be thrown away after each dog’s use.


Only dogs behaving well will be allowed on the patio. Dogs that are restless or are barking, fighting, biting or behaving in other disruptive ways will be asked to leave the patio.


Any dog that has been asked to leave the patio because of aggressive behavior will not be permitted on the patio again.


All dogs must be up to date on all required vaccinations.

If any of these rules are not followed, or if the presence of the dogs disrupts or disturbs another guest, the dog must leave the patio.

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